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Acrylic Canvas Paintings

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Zayed'z Biography 

I, Zayed Newsom am the founder and owner of Zayedz Designz Enterprize.  I have been creating Arts and Crafts for over twenty years.  I have created many items for family and friends, and for holiday events and different functions alike.  This is how I started to paint on canvas.  While living in the great state of California, in our home, there was this large empty wall that I had placed pictures and plaques there over the years.  One day, I decided to paint a mural on that wall.  Afterwards, I did not like the dynamics of the scene, I was truly unskilled.  So with my dissatisfaction, I mention to my husband that I needed to take a class to learn how to create a much better picture.  With that, I soon registered into one of the local city colleges and took two painting classes that had helped me with understanding how to apply paint to a canvas and to create a cohesive picture.  That is when my deep desire to paint took off.  Since then, I have such a passion to paint, that it is truly overwhelming even for me, and I just love creating many different types of sense, people/portraits, animals and abstract designs, my Artwork is Eclectic.  Also, my husband assisted  in many projects as well.