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I, Zayed Newsom, am the founder and owner of "Zayed'z Designz Enterprisez ". I have been I creating arts and crafts for over twenty years. I started to paint while living in Sacramento, California I had a large wall in the bathroom, over the bathtub. I wanted to paint a mural on the wall which would portray a beautiful outdoor scene. After my first attempt I wasn't happy with the dynamics of the scene. I mentioned to my husband that I think I needed to take a class to learn how to create a more cohesive picture. With that being said I registered into Cosumnes River College and took two painting classes which really helped me with understanding how to apply paint on a canvas, and to create a painting picture to look like a really nice painting. My deep desire to painttook off. Now I have such a passion to paint that it is really overwhelming to me. I love creating many different types of scenes; 3-D, Abstracts, Still Life and portraits of people. With my husband having a degree in Business Management, and training in welding, it all comes into play. He assists me in many projects, and his creative savvy is welcome as well.

So now I can say, with humor and sincerity "Oops! I'm An Artist".  

 'I Am Created To Design"!