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Acrylic Canvas Paintings

SisthaGurl Fabric Jewelry

                We Are All In This Together 

               Painted Stones with Magnet

We Are All In This Together Painted Stones with Magnet Package

             David's Five Smooth Stones - 

 Can be in a Mixed order - it's your choice.     The meaning of the stones are the same

    All Five Stones Come with a Burlap Sack .

David's Five Smooth Stones - can be Mix & Match per Sack

               David's Five Smooth Stones

1. Obedience Stone

2. Holy Spirit Stone 

3. Service Stone 

4. Peace Stone

5. Faith Stone

Davis Five Smooth Stones per Burlap Sack

Emoji Painted Stones

Emoji Painted Stones

David's Five Smooth Stones in a Roll

David's Five Smooth Stones

Funny Face Emojis

Funny Faces Painted Stones